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July 22, 1980 (41)
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I am Nicholas Garrett. I joined House Forsaken in 1996 for the purpose of playing Diablo, StarCraft and Tribes. I was 16 years old. I was known on Diablo and StarCraft as Ogden~TheWise.

In the late 1990's I was later known as "SnapBack" which was my underground or hacker "handle" or alias during the hacker information movement. This was when Microsoft, IBM, telephone companies, everyone told you what you needed to know, and if they did not decide to disclose info to the media, newspapers, or the newly developing internet, you would have to rely on the ability of a news reporter asking questions and making phone calls.
I am an old school hacker. I was ripping CD’s purchased by either myself or a friend, then huddling around a friend’s computer that had a CD burner so that we could share music on our computers. We set up and organized sharing groups on AOL, and ran our own FTP servers through IRC to share MP3s, which at the time were just “compressed .wav files that can play on winamp.” I also was one of the forerunners of “Warez” which is now just called piracy. In the mid to late 1990s, website hosts were shut down as a policy anytime warez, or mp3s were found. We developed mass-email distribution software, and private FTP servers for sharing.
I was SnapBack: hacker. I was a part of a team of some of the world's most famous hackers in the world, and the team I was a part of was "Hack-Net.Com" which we later simplified to HNC Network. I was a writer, as well as the Senior Media Editor of the entire website. I reported directly to another notable hacker known as ShizNiz; now known as Jon Longoria- Jon tried to rebuild HNC a few years ago with little success, and now serves in Iraq in the U.S. Air Force.
Our Founder and Leader: Shanners; known now as Dave Shanley was and is still one of the most brilliant minds of our day. He spoke numerous times at the exuberant hacker convention DefCon in Las Vegas which to this day compare with ComicCon. He is from the U.K. but now lives in the U.S.A. and I won’t tell you exactly where without his permission. Our T-Shirts were sold on the net by which is now just jinx. Jinx now is a rich man selling gamer shirts for WoW fans and countless other styles which can be found at Hot Topic. He began selling hacker shirts for us and our affiliates.
Piracy: Hackers started it to tip the scales of the industry. No one in the world could afford to buy a $15-$30 CD to hear the ONE song they wanted (and only on one device), and we knew it did not cost even $5-10 per CD to mass produce. The MP3 revolution we started (the first MP3 player device sold in 1996), enabled the consumer to not only tip the scales of the music industry, but also forced them to let you choose individual songs instead of the entire album.
To the anti-pirates: Only superstars picked by the bigshots and made to work like slaves got record deals. Now, thanks to MP3 and free sharing, independent artists with REAL talent have a shot. Music talent SKYROCKETTED after the MP3 boom. You’re welcome.
Now you can google, cross reference, stream, blog, and torrent whatever you want. The hacker movement worked.

I also served in the US Special Forces, and now am IT director of a major corporation in Hawaii.
Filming, Gaming, Computers, Writing, Art, Tennis, running, martial arts, drinkin, singing.
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