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    bahahaha, my login still works!

    So... who here has kids now? :D

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    All of us probably, we're old now.

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    Forums are a bit antiquated these days, with Discord serving as both forum and VOIP.

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    Maybe at some point we should give a login on Discord to forums users or members in an email. We can send mass emails to lists of people. while some people may come back and check, we could do more of an info push. the clan is dead, but there may be some pickup games here and there. I logged onto steam a few weeks ago. wow, interesting to see some of those old member names still playing out there.

    Here are those who checked the forums in 2020. lol...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I pop by every so often to see if anybody is lost and needs an invite to the discord. But yeah, we got old and got busy, mostly.

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    I was thinking about this place when considering what my 'oldest' account on the internet was. Surprised I still knew the password xD.
    Its been 20 years but I'm still a young 'un!

    /me waves
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    Checking in to say Hi. It's been a couple decades now, eh?

    I was 13 when I joined HF and now I'm 34. Wow.

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    Hahah same... can someone send me a link to the discord?

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    5 year old beginning kindergarten in a few days! its been a minute!

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