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    sorry i havent been around guys, my desktop got hit by lightning WOW Archimonde
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    Merry Christmas 2014!

    yay! I hope everyone had a merry merry christmas!

    I'll be home for a few days, with internet access. Since i'm driving truck over the road I really don't have too much internet access, but i'll be home until jan. 2nd. I'll check back on the forums and what not and i'd love to hear from folks who still read the boards. I'd also love to get a text or call from anyone while i'm working, to catch up or whatever. Nohj and I talked for about 30 minutes tonight. Good times. 706.597.6119.

    anyway, yea, when I have interweb access i'm playing SC2. yea it's ye olde blizz game but I'm kind of stoked about Legacy of the Void. I been working on my skills. or maybe just my horrible mechanics. 50apm lol.

    <3 you guys.

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    WOW Stormscale
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    Merry Christmas, everybody! And happy New Year!

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    Merry Christmas guys, and Happy New Years!

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    Divine Bovinity League of Legends
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    Happy Holidays!

    What's your storm? I don't think I have you on my list and I'm a sucker for a SC2 revival game.

    EDIT -
    I'm Jman#1460 - in case you just wanna find me some time
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