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Thread: Exp Farmin Spot

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    Exp Farmin Spot

    I've been slowly grinding my Barb up to 60, and I came across a spot that I think may be pretty good.
    In A3, there's a checkpoint right before the part where Leah loses control of the soulstone and a bunch of little shadows come out. I was able to get about 18k per run, and I was able to do exit, load, scene kill, exit in about 20 seconds, so the per minute is about 56-60k a minute. Little to no risk of dying if you're at least a bit normally geared... thoughts?

    NOTE: About 1k exp is due to the bonus for killing all 20 creatures quickly. Also, I do have a 19% increase exp gem in my helm.
    EDIT: The quest is Tremors in the Stone, A3
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