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    Diablo 3 Recruitment


    -First Name: jon

    -Age*: 24

    -Location: California

    -Playtimes: 5pm-1am

    -Tell us about yourself: i am currently in military but i get out in few months then i will be start up college. i play video games whenever i am not working/school or going out with girl.


    -Probable Main Class: Monk

    -Probable Main Character Name: Slumped


    -Most recent game experience: played SWtor and played tera for a little bit just love diablo 3 so cant stop playing it.

    -What is your main focus-PvP or PvE? Both

    -Game ability - From 1 (Casual) to 10 (Serious), what do you expect your level of play will be? 8


    -How did you find out about us? just saw it when i was looking for clans on google :P

    -Why do you want to join House Forsaken? (The most important question): i like the value that you guild message provided and think i would fit in perfect

    -Why should House Forsaken want you? (Second most important question): when i am gaming i take thing serious i try to be the best at my class and the game. but i also understand its a game and dont rage when we fail or die.

    -Favorite Diablo III news sources:

    -Any other comments?: i currently have a monk that is in act 1 of hell. and started a wizard. my monk is healing /dps support

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    wow, I didn't know our Google rank was that high. :P Welcome Jon. There are other military (including myself) here.

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    Welcome, John

    Dan - Please edit the recruit form to include their battlenet tag =)
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    slumped#1997 thats gamertag.

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    Please make sure to apply to the Diablo 3 membership, under your Control Panel options.
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