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    Anyone watch Fringe?

    I am really enjoying it this season, but I am afraid that since they moved it to Fridays are they trying to kill it off now?

    Friday nights usually mean the end for a show, or at least that's what's happened to all my fav shows that ended. IE Thirdwatch, Medium etc to name a few.

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    I do From what I read they are hoping that it will stand on its own for Friday nights , like the x-files did. It is a pretty good series and would hate to see it end before they can explain everything.

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    didn't the x-files play on Sundays?
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    X-Files was on Friday for about three seasons and then moved to Sundays.

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    Internet and TiVo / DvR killed ratings and commercials. Why limit yourself to only watching it at that time, when you can DL it or stream it at a later time and zip through commericials?

    Yes, I do enjoy Fringe. I was hoping to see some Olivia on Olivia action, but alas that never happened.
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