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11-19-2010, 01:42 PM

To all new prospective recruits:

Welcome to House Forsaken!

Established in 1996, House Forsaken started in the first year of real-time internet gaming. It was actually the first Diablo where we hunted the ears of our foe and became who we are today. Since then, we have supported over 50 game titles and have had thousands of members from all over the world. We are only one of a handful active guilds of this era left. Whether we are a serious gamer or just want to be in a casual guild, this may be the place for you. HF's resiliency is well known and we plan on being around for decades to come.

House Forsaken has been interviewed by dozens of fan sites for multiple games. We normally do well with the games we play and much of it has to do with our pre-release planning. We recruit well and many members decide to stay with us for years.

Make sure that if you do apply, you meet conditions required to become a full member. Read the steps to recruitment and make sure you learn what HF is about. When you do, remind yourself to honor the work that has been put into the guild over the years and be respectful of our other gamers. We have had thousands of recruits and only accept the best to become members. All we do is for our personal enjoyment, but never without the full attention to the future of the guild.

PRE-RELEASE RECRUITMENT: You will be a recruit for at least 3 months. During that time, feel free to play with us in other games or help us build and prepare the guild for Diablo III. Remember: you must stay active during this time. If you are accepted, you will be on probation until release. It will allow us to continue to watch you. Some, the lucky ones, may become staff prior to launch depending what they provide for assistance.

Enjoy your stay and please feel free to ask questions.



There will be an opportunity to be recruited before the game's release. In fact, we will look at building a medium sized roster of active users prior to release that are knowledgable and ready to buy the game. We will look for those that assimilate into the culture of the guild, not fringe gamers that aren't seeking community in their membership.

1. Recruits will be indefinite "recruit" status until deemed ready by the Diablo III membership already in place; those members who have been in HF for more than a period of a year. During this time of trial, all recruits will wear the pink recruitment name on the forums.

2. Recruits will be looked at for activity level on the HF forums. Activity on the forums is providing to discussions on both D3 and general HF forums. A lack of active visiting the HF forums will get an application removed. We will occasionally have VENT chats prior to release. Reminder, quality over quantity. You do not have to post to be flagged as visiting this forum; you merely have to login and browse the content.

3. All recruits must be 18+ in age. We will make this very clear. In the past, some games have recruited younger users that have worked out great, but with an abundance of gamers out there, we will look directly at maturity, commitment, knowledge and how well they do with others.

4. We are looking for gamers that will be playing to advance quickly and with passion for bettering their abilities through PvE or PvP. Although we will have casual players in the guild, we will always seek for those who will provide guidance and work together to accomplish tasks.


Step 1: Register on forums. Once on the forums, copy the questionnaire below and post it by creating a new thread. Answer every question to the best of your ability.

Step 2: Go into your UserCP and request to join Diablo III, Recruit, and member groups. You will get the first two after your application has been reviewed.

Step 3: To know if you have been reviewed, wait for your name to turn pink. Once it is, Feel free to use the Diablo III strategy forum to help build understanding of classes and various in-game mechanics as they become available.

Step 4: Download Ventrilo and connect to our server. You do not require to have a mic or speak, but it is required to have the program to be a member of the guild.

Step 5: Join members in games or provide assistance on the forums. The more members who know you and can vouche for your ability, conduct and commitment to the guild, the better.

Step 6: If you are found to be a quality addition to the House Forsaken family, you will be promoted to "Forsaken" status. You will need to ask an officer to request your forum status change once more.

Under most circumstances, recruitment should last no longer than a month, but because of pre-release, we will need additional time to get to know you.


1) Copy and paste the Questionnaire into a new Thread
2) Fill it out to the best of your ability... But complete ALL of it
3) Proof and fix typos.
4) Your application should be serious. The more serious you take it, the more serious HF will be when determining if you will become a recruit.



-First Name:




-Tell us about yourself:


-BattleTag (Battle.net ID):

-Probable Main Class:

-Probable Main Character Name:


-Most recent game experience:

-What is your main focus-PvP or PvE?

-Game ability - From 1 (Casual) to 10 (Serious), what do you expect your level of play will be?


-How did you find out about us?

-Why do you want to join House Forsaken? (The most important question):

-Why should House Forsaken want you? (Second most important question):

-Favorite Diablo III news sources:

-Any other comments?:

*Must be 18 or older.