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11-04-2003, 01:56 PM
ABIT Releases the AN7: The Latest ABIT motherboard With a Second Processor

Taipei, Taiwan, November 3rd 2003-With the unprecedented success and media attention on the µGuru onboard processor, ABIT Computer today releases the AN7. The AN7 is the latest ABIT motherboard featuring intelligent hardware monitoring, system tweaking and tech support with the µGuru processor. Based on the NVIDIA Nforce2 chipset, the AN7 gives users a proven chipset with the most advanced hardware monitoring, tweaking and overclocking features of any desktop motherboard.

Take Your Hardware to a Higher Level

µGuru is a new microprocessor designed by the ABIT Engineers for use only on ABIT motherboards and which allows end-users to reach a higher state of hardware awareness and enlightenment. µGuru acts as a spiritual guide, sharing with ABIT users, tips for hardware monitoring, overclocking, BIOS flashing and audio tweaking functions in an easy to use, Windows-based interface.

µGuru combines the ABIT Engineered features ABIT EQ, ABIT FanEQ, ABIT OC Guru, ABIT FlashMenu, ABIT AudioEQ and ABIT BlackBox into a user-friendly interface providing users the perfect environment with which to maximize performance and stability. Operating as an independent microprocessor, µGuru effectively frees your CPU resources from performing these functions, further increasing system performance.

As a part of the motherboard, only µGuru can completely understand how to optimize the motherboard for ultimate performance. What truly sets µGuru apart is it’s onboard memory that allows users to save their favorite overclocking settings for specific applications. For example, with OC Guru users can choose their favourite overclocked setting that will be saved when the PC is rebooted.

With ABIT BlackBox, ABIT takes yet another step ahead of the competition in terms of service. BlackBox does exactly what you think it might: in the event of a system problem or crash, it records vital system information that the ABIT Engineers can use to determine the extent of the problem.

Furthermore, Black Box also includes an automatic ABIT tech support email feature which relays this information to ABIT at the touch of a button. No more relaying emails back and forth. ABIT BlackBox is another step in ABIT’s quest to provide personalized global service for every end-user, in every country.

Fully Featured and Fully Loaded

With the AN7, users have 2 SATA ports and 2 parallel ports, meaning ABIT users can connect up to 6 Hard Disks at once! With on board 10/100 LAN ABIT AN7 users have no need for a separate LAN card. And, for the ultimate in connectivity to peripheral devices, the AN7 comes complete with 2 x 1394 ports and 6 USB 2.0 ports!

Optical S/P DIF In/Out and 6 channel audio

Only ABIT offers S/P DIF In/Out for the ultimate in multimedia connectivity. Due to our extensive experience in audio technology with our speaker systems and AU-10 sound card, ABIT motherboards undergo rigorous testing at the ABIT Audio Research Laboratories in Taipei, Taiwan, ensuring that audiophiles and gamers alike will be satisfied with the richness and clarity of ABIT onboard audio. With the AN7, ABIT uses the latest AC'97 Codec. With ABIT’s Audio EQ technology, AN7 users get all the features of more expensive soundcards, built right into the µGuru processor. As well, ABIT is the only Dolby-certified motherboard maker

11-05-2003, 12:43 AM
allows end-users to reach a higher state of hardware awareness and enlightenment

How can one resist such a feature? :-)